MyEmergency v0.28 (BETA)

MyEmergency F.A.Q.
Q: Who is MyEmergency for?
A: For players, MyEmergency is for anyone who wants to play an extra game of basketball from time-to-time. For teams, it is a system through which they can find fill-in players for their games.
Q: How does it work?
A: Users sign up and register their details to create a pool of emergency players. When a team logs in to find a fill-in, MyEmergency intelligently searches the player pool, then sends an e-mail to everyone who matches the fill-in criteria. Whoever responds first to their e-mail, gets to play in that game.
Q: Can I play on the same day/night as my regular team?
A: Yes, if your association rules and by-laws allow it. MyEmergency checks your fixture and won't offer you any games that clash with your team's schedule.
Q: Is there any cost?
A: No. MyEmergency is completely free to both players and teams.
Q: As a player, will I get automatically placed into games?
A: No. If the system thinks you might be available for a game, you will receive an e-mail telling you the game details. If you do not want to play in that game, you can simply delete the e-mail. If you do want to play, you'll only need to click on a link to indicate your availability.
Q: I see MyEmergency is still in testing (beta). If I find an error, where can I report it?
A: If you do encounter an error screen, please take a screenshot and send it through to